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Uniform Information

The School Committee approved the A. C. Whelan’s petition for a uniform program.

ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR UNIFORMS beginning on the first day of school.

The uniform consists of:


BOTTOMS: Khaki or Navy Blue

Long pants

Knee length shorts (both girls and boys)

Skirts and skorts


Sweatpants (Solid Navy Blue)


TOPS: in White, Maroon or Navy Blue

Long or short sleeve polo style shirt (with collar)



Socks and sneakers must be worn.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I order A. C. Whelan wear? 

I found a polo shirt, but it has a logo – may my child wear this? No, the only permittable logo is the school logo.

May my child wear a sweater/sweatshirt over his/her collared top? Yes, however it must be a solid colored white, maroon or navy blue and must be without logos.

Is the uniform required? Yes, Whelan has been voted a uniform school. This vote followed a parent survey with over 76% of survey respondents in favor of uniforms for the Whelan School.

Will pink or red be considered maroon? No, shirt colors are white, maroon and navy blue.

Will baby blue be considered blue? No, shirt colors are white, maroon and navy blue.

Do I need to find shirts without name brand logos on the shirt? Yes, click on the link above for suggested stores that have polo shirts without logos.

May my child wear a jumper? Yes, there are jumpers in both khaki and navy blue – these may be worn as part of the uniform.

Will there be days where my child won’t need to wear a uniform? Yes, we do plan to continue with theme days – these days will be noted on the school calendar.

May my child wear yoga pants in place of sweatpants? No, yoga pants are not permitted per the school handbook.