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Student Health Screenings

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This letter is to inform you of our Health Screening Programming that is provided here within Revere Public Schools throughout your student’s academic experience. All health screenings conducted in our schools are required by Massachusetts State Law. These Screenings are ongoing throughout the school year, and throughout a student’s time within Revere Public Schools. Parents and legal guardians shall be provided with an opportunity to request, in writing, that their child not participate in the variety of screening programming.
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Staying Healthy This Season

Dear Families,

The Commonwealth, the Northeast and much of the US are seeing increases in respiratory illness in infants and children. Some of these infants and children are requiring hospitalization for support with breathing and hydration. Emergency departments and other acute care health facilities have been managing significant increases in the number of patients requiring care.
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New High School

Dear Revere Public Schools community,

Tonight we passed a huge milestone in the building of the new Revere High School as the City Council voted to fund the taking of the property that formerly housed the Wonderland Dog Track for the purpose of building this new school.

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Principal's Message

Welcome to Whelan!
Somebody I once worked with often reminded us that “happy kids learn,” and I think that is as true for adults as it is for our students – so whether you’re new, or have been a member of our community for years, we want you and your kids to feel comfortable and connected to the school community. Our teachers and staff are committed to establishing learning spaces that prioritize Social Emotional Learning and consider the students’ strengths and experiences.
We believe it’s important for all members of a school community to be heard, and with that in mind we welcome any questions or ideas you might have for us – don’t hesitate to reach out!
Mr. Pelletier